What can you eat that wiggles, jiggles, and glows? Why, LED Jigglies of course! In this Instructable, I will show you a very simple way to make an exallent party treat. This Instructable could be the base of many awesome ideas, this is just what I have done with limited LED knowledge (I only know how to make LED Throwies).

Warning, though LEDs in Jello looks tasty, remember that LEDs are, in fact, NOT edible. I am not responsible for anyone thinking otherwise. If you must see how cool these look in a dark place, I do not recommend bringing them into a windowless bathroom before serving to guests.

Step 1: Materials

Here's what you need:
  • Jello Duh.
  • Jello mold.
  • LEDs.
  • LED batteries.
  • Tape.
  • PAM (optional).
  • Plastic ziplock bags.
You could just wire the led's into the plate itself and then it is idiot proof.
I have been thinking about doing something similar using silicone polymer. PDMS, Sylgard 184. I'm not sure if it's generally available. I cures to a clear rubber that you could dye.
You could put the led in something a little more permanent... Maybe a bouncyball by maybe something stickier
Not Safe imo.
whats not safe about it? any norman human will understand that it is <strong>not</strong> normal if theres a light in your jello..<br/>
Well then you can't give these to children.
I don't think kids would want to eat something that's <em>glowing</em>.<br/>
I dunno, I'm pretty sure I would have eaten just about anything that glowed when I was a kid. It's certainly a choking hazard for small children, but I think it's pretty safe for anyone old enough to know to be careful.
Ha ha... You eat glowing things?
Well, I would have, as a small child. I mean, let's face it, glowing is awesome, and kids will put just about anything they find interesting.
I'm scared of mysterious glowing objects... And you find them tasty?
I used to eat plutonium when is was a kid. That glowed.
i do...
just tell tehm that theres a light in it?
And after the inevitable drunk eats it, gee whiz how it lights up the toilet!
ROTFLMAO dr dr my poo is glowing red!
dr:first,my name is watson.second stop eating those led jigglies
lol this was so long ago i forgot what the ible was
To avoid accidental terminal stupidity, you could glue the LED + battery to a circular piece of cardboard or plastic with the same diameter as the jello mold, then sit the jello on top of that. I tend to think my friends are smarter than to need that though... ;-)
<em>terminal stupidity</em>, in other words, a Darwin award.<br/> Great idea.<br/>
i ate one and i had to get my stomach pumped
It's a no brainer, <em>don't eat the LEDs!</em> Read the disclaimer. Remove the LED and battery <em>before</em> consumption, not after. <br/>
lol, jk, it was pretty funny though, i didnt have to get my stomach pumped, because i didnt know it had LEDs in it, i didnt make this batch, my friend did and i thought they were reg jello, anyways my poop was really "Shiny" if you well after, i ate it when it was off, i think my stomach acid corroded the battery acid (yay, my body is useful!)
That made me laugh!!
very interesting, l already have some ideas for the use of this. When it´s done l will post it.
i dont suggest eating these considering that batteries are POISON. Yum! mercury!
Everything is sealed inside the bag, did you even look at step six?
Doesn't really matter... Recent fake research has revealed that a properly made battery jello can supply over the recommended daily intake of cadium, mercury, copper and iron. Although your teacher said you can never have enough a nutrition, these amounts are confirmed to be overkill.
Mmm... Lead poisoning.
lead is my favorite flavor!
it made my toilet glow afterwords
Aha Great idea..
snazzy...now you can eat jello in the dark :)
because its not a party until you're eating jello in the dark! lol
no, no it's not.
Hmm. I wonder if I could make a robot jelly mold and make an LED-Jigglie with it?
That would be awesome!
This instructable reminds me of my "Special Effects Cookbook" that I got as a gift when I was a youngster.
Mmmm mercury poisoning. Great job. They seem a little pointless to me, but then again maybe its just me. Great job!
unless you suddenly get mercury poisoning from plastic bags these days, i think these are pretty safe to eat. and as for a purpose to these, its just a fun party treat! seems like a cool idea for a party to me
I'm not dead yet...
yet >:3 no, seriously, this is pretty fun :P i once made ice with leds in it, for someones birthday (it was the shape of a 14 too :P, and blue ice, plus blue leds :) )
Hmm. Special "LED Jigglie" serving platter, with the LEDs safely mounted on the platter instead of in the jello itself?
Yea, GorillazMiko mentioned that to. I very little knowledge of LEDs and electronics, so this was the best I could do. As I said, this is a base idea, so anything, er, <em>everything</em> can be improved somehow. Feel free to post improvements (if you want to). <br/>
Now we just need a simple sensor to measure the "jiggling" of the jello, so we can use that to drive the light intensity of the LED...
Awesome! I am not going to eat the LED (obviously), awesome job Spl1nt3rC3ll. If I can get some LEDs soon, I'll post the plate thingy with the LEDs and stuff. Awesome job Splintercell guy! (Your name is hard to type. :P)
Thanks! Kiteman called me SC, I'm fine with that shortened name, or just Splinter.

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