With all the “Love Robots” I’ve been making (see here and here), they where bound to procreate and spawn of a new generation.

Wanting to approach the simplicity of the famous LED Throwies, the name LED Kissies was already lingering in my mind, even before I came up with the concept presented here.

LED Kissies are ”kissing robots” reduced to their essential parts:  an LED, a battery, a strong magnet and (optionally) some card with a picture. They are easy and fast to make and pretty low cost.

Here's a short video:

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Step 1: Materials (and Tools)

For a pair of LED Kissies you will need:

2 Blinking LEDs working on 3V. Some blinking LEDs are clearly underpowered on 3V. I used LED's from Opitec (n° 236135).

2 Lithium coin cells delivering 3V each. The thin CR2016 type is easiest to work with, but with some bending of the LED legs, other types can be used to.

2 Strong magnets (Neodymium type). I used 4 mm thick/8 mm diameter ones from Opitec (n° 208305).

A couple of square cm of card stock. Photo card stock/paper works well.

You will probably need scissors and a printer to make suiting pictures. But you could also use ID photos.
<p>cute and good idea :D</p>
<p>Hmmm, looks like two males rubbing &quot;something stiff with a glowing red head&quot; at each other...bur who cares...it&acute;s &quot;Love&quot; indeed!</p><p>:-P</p>
so cute :)
Voted, thanks for sharing! I will be making something using lights and your instructable helped me think of an idea! <br>sunshiine
What a great idea! A lovely project and simple enough to do with virtually any age-group - 3 to adult!
Thanks!<br><br>Just take care of fingers getting pinched between strong magnets. But kids can learn to take care and it won't kill them.<br><br>Also the distance between the front LED leg and the battery needs some trimming. So I wouldn't do it with a large group of very young children. A small group or 6+ should be fine.
Love this! Great gift idea.
Very cute! Did you try using 3D figures instead of cards?
Thanks!<br><br>I didn't try 3D figures yet, but I think that from this very basic version things will evolve back to more &quot;3D versions&quot; again.
That is so cute!

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