Hi everyone , 
I have yet another project for you today , 
I'm going to show you how to build on an led light for your safety glasses ,
also I'm going to show you how to make the button cell battery box / holder for it , 

NOTE , in this project we will be dealing with sharp knifes - hot solder and epoxy glue ,
so please be careful , 
I will not be held responsible  for any injuries that may happen , 
please do not let children use epoxy  , and try to use gloves when using it , this stuff will dry quick and won't come off easily , 

with that said lets get started ,

Step 1: What You Need

ok your going to need a few things ,

one led , I used a warm yellow colored led but clear will work to , 
two 470 ohm resistors , this depends on your led of course ,
a slide switch , 
three AG 13 button cell battery's , 
two plastic tubes one big enough to house the button cells and the other to one smaller to house your led , 
two battery contacts , I toke the ones off an old tv remote ,  like it shows in the picture above , 
some small wire , 
a small piece of scrap plastic ,

ok tools and supplies,

tube of 5 min epoxy glue ,  
soldering gun and lead free solder , 
hobby knife ,
electric tape , 
scissors , 
glue gun ,
ok on to the next step .

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