Introduction: LED Lamp-how to Make an Led Lamp

Here we are going to make a simple led lamp.Its a simple circuit with less components.In this led lamp we have can adjust the brightness of the lamp.

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

Picture of Circuit Diagram

Here is the circuit diagram for the two different brigtness led lamp

Step 2: Components

  • battery- lead acid 4.2v
  • switch- 2 way switch with center off
  • Resistors- 220 ohm(2),20 ohm
  • led- white (4),red(1)
  • adapter socket
  • diode- 1N4007

Step 3: Working

Its a very simple circuit.The working is clearly simulated in the video.When the switch is in right position then the current flow through the high value resistor with low brightness and when the switch is in right position then the current will flow through the low value resistor with high brightness


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