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Introduction: LED Lego Guy

A dirt cheap LED lego guy

Step 1: Tools

The tools you will need are:

Soldering iron

Rotary tool

Hot glue gun (not shown)

Step 2: Supplies

The supplies you will need are:


Lego guy


1 3 volt button cell battery

Step 3: Off With His Head!

First you need to cut off the lego guys head, I used my rotary tool to do this.

Step 4: Drilling Out

Now you need to drill a hole where the head used to be about the same size as your LED.
After that hollow out the inside of the lego guy.

Step 5: Wires

Now attach 2 wires to your LED and push it through the hole in the top of the lego guy then fill with hot glue

Step 6: Switch

The switch is optional but is highly recommended.
after you have wired your switch glue it to the back of the lego guy.

Step 7: Battery

Now solder both sides of the battery to the wires using the correct polarity.
(I am not responsible for bodily injuries caused by exploding batteries)

Step 8: Legs

Now cut the stubs off the legs and glue them back on the body.

Step 9: ITS ALIVE!

Now test it out.
I used a connector to secure the battery and it has been very reliable.



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    Dude, you can't solder button cell batteries... They will explode in your face. Ask anyone.

    6 replies

    yeah i did it once and burned up my hand

    well, he just did. and he still has a face.

    he just didnt break the metal so the alkanine didnt leak

    I was waiting for a comment like this, And yes the battery will explode if not handled carefully, But if you are only adding small blobs very quickly it won't explode in your face.... I hope.

    Alright... As long as you know the risk...

    um next time i wouldnt put the switch there..................... um yea... doesnt seem to go well.....

    2 replies

    Don't keep us in suspense, tell us where you think the switch should go.

    on its foot or something its just a joke cuz the button is in a place that it shouldn't be.... if yo dont get it then your weird... :)

    yea i get it but its still not very funny

    That is AWESOME!!! Great lego-man!
    Does anyone have any ideas what you can get an LED off of?

    P.S. I'm voting +1!

    2 replies

    a great way to get led's in bulk is to buy a string of christmas lights. there is an instructable here that should be able to help you

    You can usually get them from cheap kids toys, if not chances are that if something has a light on it its probably an LED.

    have you seen what this guy did with this he hacked holes in a mini head to turn it into the headless horseman
    headless horseman


    So basically that wasn't funny at all.

    lol what? im totally lost.