Introduction: LED Lego Guy

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A dirt cheap LED lego guy

Step 1: Tools

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The tools you will need are:

Soldering iron

Rotary tool

Hot glue gun (not shown)

Step 2: Supplies

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The supplies you will need are:


Lego guy


1 3 volt button cell battery

Step 3: Off With His Head!

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First you need to cut off the lego guys head, I used my rotary tool to do this.

Step 4: Drilling Out

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Now you need to drill a hole where the head used to be about the same size as your LED.
After that hollow out the inside of the lego guy.

Step 5: Wires

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Now attach 2 wires to your LED and push it through the hole in the top of the lego guy then fill with hot glue

Step 6: Switch

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The switch is optional but is highly recommended.
after you have wired your switch glue it to the back of the lego guy.

Step 7: Battery

Picture of Battery

Now solder both sides of the battery to the wires using the correct polarity.
(I am not responsible for bodily injuries caused by exploding batteries)

Step 8: Legs

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Now cut the stubs off the legs and glue them back on the body.

Step 9: ITS ALIVE!

Picture of ITS ALIVE!

Now test it out.
I used a connector to secure the battery and it has been very reliable.


Firebert010 (author)2008-02-10

Dude, you can't solder button cell batteries... They will explode in your face. Ask anyone.

venom52 (author)Firebert0102010-01-28

yeah i did it once and burned up my hand

clark (author)Firebert0102008-02-12

well, he just did. and he still has a face.

wangtrevor (author)clark2009-03-03

he just didnt break the metal so the alkanine didnt leak

wangtrevor (author)Firebert0102009-03-03

i second that

LaxLuvr (author)Firebert0102008-02-10

I was waiting for a comment like this, And yes the battery will explode if not handled carefully, But if you are only adding small blobs very quickly it won't explode in your face.... I hope.

Firebert010 (author)LaxLuvr2008-02-12

Alright... As long as you know the risk...

casey321b (author)2008-10-12

um next time i wouldnt put the switch there..................... um yea... doesnt seem to go well.....

sdtacoma (author)casey321b2008-11-28

Don't keep us in suspense, tell us where you think the switch should go.

casey321b (author)sdtacoma2008-11-29

on its foot or something its just a joke cuz the button is in a place that it shouldn't be.... if yo dont get it then your weird... :)

casey321b (author)2008-10-12

yea i get it but its still not very funny

ferrari484 (author)2008-10-04

Lego dead

Hello Kitty (author)2008-02-12

That is AWESOME!!! Great lego-man!
Does anyone have any ideas what you can get an LED off of?

P.S. I'm voting +1!

tubbychick3n (author)Hello Kitty2008-09-06

a great way to get led's in bulk is to buy a string of christmas lights. there is an instructable here that should be able to help you

LaxLuvr (author)Hello Kitty2008-02-12

You can usually get them from cheap kids toys, if not chances are that if something has a light on it its probably an LED.

TechDante (author)2008-04-25

have you seen what this guy did with this he hacked holes in a mini head to turn it into the headless horseman
headless horseman

Aar000n3y (author)2008-02-13

'LOL' means that you think it's funny.

LaxLuvr (author)Aar000n3y2008-02-13

I no

Aar000n3y (author)2008-02-13

So basically that wasn't funny at all.

clark (author)2008-02-12

lol what? im totally lost.

elescape (author)2008-02-11

well it just twists off......

shooter129 (author)elescape2008-02-11


adyingcow (author)2008-02-11

hahahaha You evil person.

fredricksburgthethird (author)2008-02-10

you should use a jumbo yello led, then carefully paint eyes and a smile on.

Uru Wolf (author)2008-02-10

You do not nessarily need the switch to turn it on and off. I am sure there is a way you could postition the wires so when you aply pressure to his body the connection is made.

ve2vfd (author)2008-02-07

Paint his clothes black, hands blue and he can join the Blue Man Group! :D

LaxLuvr (author)2008-02-07

thanks for all your comments

TeacherOfTheWays (author)2008-02-07

nice looks cool! i think a whole bunch of them would look tight!

dsman195276 (author)2008-02-07

lol. the LED is it's head. good job!

GorillazMiko (author)2008-02-07

Really cool idea LaxLuvr. If you could, then you can drill out the holes like how Evil Mad Scientist Labs did, and it looks really awesome.

LaxLuvr (author)2008-02-07

PLEASE comment/rate

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