Picture of LED Lego Guy
A dirt cheap LED lego guy

Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
The tools you will need are:

Soldering iron

Rotary tool

Hot glue gun (not shown)
Firebert0107 years ago
Dude, you can't solder button cell batteries... They will explode in your face. Ask anyone.
yeah i did it once and burned up my hand

well, he just did. and he still has a face.
he just didnt break the metal so the alkanine didnt leak
i second that
LaxLuvr (author)  Firebert0107 years ago
I was waiting for a comment like this, And yes the battery will explode if not handled carefully, But if you are only adding small blobs very quickly it won't explode in your face.... I hope.
Alright... As long as you know the risk...
casey321b6 years ago
um next time i wouldnt put the switch there..................... um yea... doesnt seem to go well.....
Don't keep us in suspense, tell us where you think the switch should go.
on its foot or something its just a joke cuz the button is in a place that it shouldn't be.... if yo dont get it then your weird... :)
ferrari4846 years ago
Lego dead
Hello Kitty7 years ago
That is AWESOME!!! Great lego-man!
Does anyone have any ideas what you can get an LED off of?

P.S. I'm voting +1!
a great way to get led's in bulk is to buy a string of christmas lights. there is an instructable here that should be able to help you
LaxLuvr (author)  Hello Kitty7 years ago
You can usually get them from cheap kids toys, if not chances are that if something has a light on it its probably an LED.
TechDante7 years ago
have you seen what this guy did with this he hacked holes in a mini head to turn it into the headless horseman
headless horseman
elescape7 years ago
well it just twists off......
adyingcow7 years ago
hahahaha You evil person.
you should use a jumbo yello led, then carefully paint eyes and a smile on.
Uru Wolf7 years ago
You do not nessarily need the switch to turn it on and off. I am sure there is a way you could postition the wires so when you aply pressure to his body the connection is made.
ve2vfd7 years ago
Paint his clothes black, hands blue and he can join the Blue Man Group! :D
LaxLuvr (author) 7 years ago
thanks for all your comments
nice looks cool! i think a whole bunch of them would look tight!
dsman1952767 years ago
lol. the LED is it's head. good job!
Really cool idea LaxLuvr. If you could, then you can drill out the holes like how Evil Mad Scientist Labs did, and it looks really awesome.
LaxLuvr (author) 7 years ago
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