Introduction: LED Light Ball Flashlight!!!

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This LED Flashlight is tiny!!! It can easily fit in your pocket, it ways about 1 ounce, and it is tiny!!!  

Step 1: Supplies

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The Only things you need to build this flashlight are:

1) LED light ( any color, size doesn't matter )
2) Micro Switch
3) 3 cm. piece of wire
4) Coin cell battery, with wires attached ( if not you can easily attach them with electric tape )
5) Squinkie container ( any color, I used green to go along with my LED light )

Hot-glue gun

Step 2: Attaching

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Attach every thing together.

1) 3 cm. wire goes from the negative end of the LED to the switch
2) Positive wire of the battery goes to the positive end of the switch
3) Negative end of the battery goes to the switch

Your done done connecting!!! 

Step 3: Squinkie Shell

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Put every you just built inside the squinkie container except the switch and the LED light, those go through the holes on the sqinkie container.

Step 4: Glue Gun

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Glue the LED and Switch in Place.

Step 5: Done!!!

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Your done!!! Now you have a miniature Ball shaped flashlight!!!


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