Picture of LED Light Box with Southwestern Design
Hi, this is Scott with Elemental LED. Here's a quick back story on the inspiration for this project. I was working with Flexible LED Strip Light and frosted acrylic panels when fabricating a Rubik's Cube Lantern a few months ago. My goal for the cube was to have different colors on each side. I installed partitions to keep each color from bleeding to the adjacent sides of the cube. When I was making adjustments to the partitions, some of the different color sections where bleeding through on to one of the sides. While this wasn't the ideal look for Rubick's cube that I was going for, I thought it would be cool to create a single panel with different color sections for a future project.

I decided to pick up a sheet of frosted acrylic paneling from TAP Plastics. I made a wood frame to create a light box using High Density RGB LED Strip Light. I used paper partitions to define a southwestern design.

In this Instructable, I will detail how I went about creating this LED Light Box. The dimension of the frame turned out to be 19" x 11".

Elemental LED products needed:

High Density RGB LED Strip Light by the foot - 2 feet
Inline Remote LED Color Controller - qty: 1
Four-Strand RGB Wire - 10 feet
12V Adapter - 12W option - qty: 1

Other products needed:

6' x 2 7/16" x 13/16" piece of Douglas Fir
Wire Nuts (4)
#0 Biscuits (4)
Woodworking Glue
1/8" Thick 40% Lighting White Acrylic Panel
Thick Construction Paper
Clear Packing Tape
1/2" Thick Sheet of MDF
Insulated Staples


Table Saw
Plate Joiner
Combination Square
Mitre Saw
Drill Bits
Soldering Iron

Make sure to review your Owner's Manual's for recommended safe operation of your equipment.