LED Light Bulb (Single 10 Mm LED)





Introduction: LED Light Bulb (Single 10 Mm LED)

Very Simple design - works for 110v AC as well as 220v AC. 

Only four components:

1. Bulb Base
2. 10 mm LED
3. 100 kilo ohm, 1 watt resistor (Brown, Black, Yellow)
4. 1N 4007 diode. 

Expected life - Atleast 5 years. 

Important: Attempt only if proficient in dealing with AC Mains.

DC Feature (Flashlight):

It also doubles as a flashlite, in case lights go out. Any cell, 3v, 6v, 9v or mobile battery can be used to make it a torch!!

Tips on connecting the wires:

1. First connect negative of diode to negative of LED, as high up as possible, near the base of LED. 
2. Then connect the resistor to the diode leg. 
3. Next, connect the positive of the diode to the positive of the LED, but as low as possible toward the tip of the leg. 
4. That way, both the legs of the final product will be almost of equal length. 
5. No soldering was done and so no allergies or waste of time, in my project. 



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    I want creat 5mm (50led )in round base designe.
    How possible to power supply
    Please help me



    Would an 700mA or 350mA Power LED work in your circuit. I see that the resistor is wasting the bulk of energy by converting it to heat, so power LEDs could tip the balance in favour?

    For one watt led circuit, i had found a good one, as below:


    Yes, my circuit is for demo purpose, as to how a single led can be on AC mains, with minimum components....

    Thanks for pointing out, others may have similar queries...


    Hi, been searching for AC powered LED for some time...This seems simple solution.
    but I have some questions...have you tested this for long period of time? Do the parts heat up? any chance my bulb holder will melt if I connect it and use it as regular light source?
    Thanks for post.

    Oh, and if I want to add multiple LEDs, will just connecting them in series work?

    1. Yes, tested for avg 8 hrs per days, for many months.
    2. Yes, parts (resistor) heats up. So never use a 1/2 or 1/4 watt resistor. Only 1 watt, 2 watt or 3 watt rated resistor. I have used 22 kilo ohm, 1 watt resistor and it 'does' heat up.
    3. No, bulb holders will not 'melt' - they are rated for 1 Amp & up... ;-)
    4. Yes, you can connect them in series.

    Still, i suggest you take your time and get expert help.

    Your competence should meet your aspirations, before you attempt anything on AC Mains - my humble suggestion to all aspirants!

    Diode stops reverse current as well as does half wave rectification of AC Mains.

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