Step 5: Add the Power Source

Picture of Add the Power Source
Finally add the batteries. This is very low-tech, but I have yet to find or build a battery holder that suits my purpose.

Strip the ends of the wires and wrap the bare wire and a small bit of aluminum foil together into a ball.

(I call myself a photographer, but I obviously need to work on my depth-of-field and flash diffusion skills.)

Use the electrical tape to hold the batteries together in series (postive terminal to negative terminal) and the wire ends in place on each end of the battery stack.

Polarity is important here. Test the light at this point and try reversing the connections if it does not work. (Remember that you have to push the switch while testing.)

Wrap a second piece of tape around the terminal ends. Stretch and wrap the tape tightly, insuring a postive connection.

Fit the battery pack into the end of the finished pen.
mlavery855 years ago
 The aluminum foil dose not stay on!!!  Why do we need it?
unklstuart (author)  mlavery855 years ago
You are right, the foil is poor engineering and the lights stop working while drawing. I need to figure out a better system or buy something pre-made.
Sugru perhaps? Or maybe one of the other conductive putties. I would kinda like to see a version where instead of wire, conductive paint is substituted.
bugs_rus216 years ago
thank г very much, it helps me gratly!
Ankush7 years ago
Amazing!!! beautifully illustrated.Keep up the gr8 work!!