Step 6: Finished product and drawing examples

Picture of Finished product and drawing examples
It works for me! Now drawing is another story.

To see what we have done, visit our website: LightDoodles.Com

See even more of our drawings on Flickr.

My next Instructable will outline our techniques for actually doing the art. In the mean time see the Write or Draw with Light Instructable.

wow u have to move like super fast to draw those in the air tolatly amazing
 They do it by setting the camera to stay open and sensing light for a really long peroid of time. So it captures all the movments of the light pen in one image. CReating the drawing. So they can move as slow as they like. :)
zixx655 years ago
this is an awesome light up pen... i made alot of colors out of this idea and it made me think of new ideas to add to this................ YAY!
Those are so cool what an awesome christmas gift to give!!!!
Reece 245 years ago
way coooool
rewena6 years ago
cool! you and your wife are so creative! keep on rockin!!!!!!
rhcpinferno6 years ago
i dont get how the photograph sees the whole picture? does the person there see only what is happening that moment or does the camera capture the finished product despite being invisible to the human eye. if so how does it capture it?
unklstuart (author)  rhcpinferno6 years ago
It is strange, but unlike the human eye, any light that enters the camera permanently changes the film or, in the digital camera, is permanently recorded by the optical image sensor and is displayed as a picture. Light entering our eye is retained on the retina (or maybe in the brain) for less then 1/25 of a second. This video might help: http://lightdoodles.com/pages/drawing1.htm
m4r7in6 years ago
? I dont get it how do you make those pictures? by moving fast the LED light?
unklstuart (author)  m4r7in6 years ago
It is not easy to show as you are working in a low or no light environment. I try to illustrate it with video in this tutorial http://lightdoodles.com/pages/drawing1.htm
MauveMaster6 years ago
Very interesting... how do you achieve the pictures?
unklstuart (author)  MauveMaster6 years ago
Thanks for asking. I wrote a tutorial on my web page that you might take a look at:
aeronut016 years ago
Awesome intructable! for the power supply, couldn't you use one of those 3V button cell batteries? i have tried them and all my LEDs have worked, and it eliminates the need for a resistor. i can post a picture of this battery if you'd like.
unklstuart (author)  aeronut016 years ago
Thanks. When you consider the internal resistance of the battery and the tolerance of the LEDs, the 3v cell works. But since these blue LEDs prefer a forward voltage of 4v, I thought I would be nice and give it to them.
BraisedDuck6 years ago
THANK YOU!!! your tutorial helped so much in my own things!
unklstuart (author)  BraisedDuck6 years ago
You are welcome. Good luck on your projects.
sw33t6 years ago
using the led pen can draw a pic on a wall or..? if anyone know where to buy pls let me know thx... joan1986@live.com.my :P
unklstuart (author)  sw33t6 years ago
Most of our pictures are drawn directly toward the camera, but you can point the lights at a wall and draw there. The results will be different and may appear more like spray paint. Try using a laser pointer when drawing on a wall. The concentrated beam will give a more defined image. Any light source can work. LED lights on key chains are available in most stores and work well for this. thanks
ferome6 years ago
waaauu....i want light drawing pen. I think that you should sell these items in ebay...i could buy it....becouse i understand nothing about electronic ...i cant to do it. Regards from Spain
anemites7 years ago
wow!! hello!! this is great...!!! congrats...! =)
m1sterb0b7 years ago
beautiful pictures. I love the intense color. Cool design of the lights to. This is definitely one that I'm planning on making when I get some $$$
Brennn107 years ago
These are absolutely amazing!