a Led Light assembly done  inside a useless mobile charger case. 
Steps-- first disassemble the  charger and take out the inner circuit, use hex screw to open the chargers of samsung. nokia, lg mobiles.
Second- made 4 pairs of holes , total 8 holes for the legs of 4 Leds. put them and solder as per diagram.
Third- connect the capacitor 0.22uf/400 volt & 1 Meg Ohms Resistor in parallel, here the resistor is used as a shunt resistor to discharge the stored current from the capacitor after the AC switch off. its a safety measure to avoid high voltage shock.
Fourth- connect 1 K ohms resistor as shown in diagram.
Fifth- assemble with screwing the case.
Sixth- connect with ac source 220 volts & Voila!!!!!, there is Light !!!!!!!!!!!!

bleezz8 months ago

How will it differ if I increase the count of LEDs? Like if I want 20 white LEDs on same 220~240 volts...

And is there a way by which I can check the power of LEDs? As I have some 50 old LEDs (mixed red/green/blue/white), whose power I'm not sure... Please guide me as I'm new...

appliedgravity10 months ago

How would it change if its 120v (USA)?

asarode11 months ago
I want to know that which end should be connected to live and which end to the neutral?
And when the LEDs light up then does they show any ripples?
drsantanu (author)  asarode11 months ago
1 meg resistor side connected to live and 1 k resistor connected to neutral.
They show ripples, but its hard to recognize that in naked eye. use bright blue or green or red or white led according to ur need.thanks.
asarode drsantanu11 months ago

So we have to take care while inserting it into the mains socket? i.e. I have to mark the charger body that the particular end should be in the respective holes of the mains socket, isn't it?

drsantanu (author) 1 year ago
@tutdude98 i used only not working chargers, so i have to discard the circuit board as that was non repairable.
tutdude981 year ago
most phone chargers use ~ 5v 500ma so you can just put 10 leds in series and it would be safer than 220v
tutdude981 year ago
most phone chargers use ~ 5v 500ma so you can just put 10 leds in series and it would be safer than 220v
AndyGadget1 year ago
This is one of those projects which should have a notice such as :-
drsantanu (author)  AndyGadget1 year ago
(removed by author or community request)
Once would have been enough #;¬)
drsantanu (author)  AndyGadget1 year ago
Thanks andygadget