a Led Light assembly done  inside a useless mobile charger case. 
Steps-- first disassemble the  charger and take out the inner circuit, use hex screw to open the chargers of samsung. nokia, lg mobiles.
Second- made 4 pairs of holes , total 8 holes for the legs of 4 Leds. put them and solder as per diagram.
Third- connect the capacitor 0.22uf/400 volt & 1 Meg Ohms Resistor in parallel, here the resistor is used as a shunt resistor to discharge the stored current from the capacitor after the AC switch off. its a safety measure to avoid high voltage shock.
Fourth- connect 1 K ohms resistor as shown in diagram.
Fifth- assemble with screwing the case.
Sixth- connect with ac source 220 volts & Voila!!!!!, there is Light !!!!!!!!!!!!

<p>How will it differ if I increase the count of LEDs? Like if I want 20 white LEDs on same 220~240 volts...</p><p>And is there a way by which I can check the power of LEDs? As I have some 50 old LEDs (mixed red/green/blue/white), whose power I'm not sure... Please guide me as I'm new...</p>
<p>How would it change if its 120v (USA)?</p>
I want to know that which end should be connected to live and which end to the neutral? <br>And when the LEDs light up then does they show any ripples?
1 meg resistor side connected to live and 1 k resistor connected to neutral. <br>They show ripples, but its hard to recognize that in naked eye. use bright blue or green or red or white led according to ur need.thanks.
<p>So we have to take care while inserting it into the mains socket? i.e. I have to mark the charger body that the particular end should be in the respective holes of the mains socket, isn't it?</p>
@tutdude98 i used only not working chargers, so i have to discard the circuit board as that was non repairable.
most phone chargers use ~ 5v 500ma so you can just put 10 leds in series and it would be safer than 220v
most phone chargers use ~ 5v 500ma so you can just put 10 leds in series and it would be safer than 220v
<strong>&nbsp;</strong><br> Once would have been enough #;&not;)
<strong>&nbsp;</strong><br> This is one of those projects which should have a notice such as :-<br> <strong>&quot;WARNING - THIS INVOLVES DIRECT CONNECTION TO MAINS VOLTAGES AND COULD HAVE FATAL CONSEQUENCES IF NOT CONSTRUCTED / HANDLED WITH EXTREME CARE&quot;</strong>
Thanks andygadget

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