Sometimes, during dark it is very difficult to type through the keys on the keyboard.

Insert this USB Light in your laptop and the keys are easily visible even in dark.

It can also be used as night light when connected to a Power bank.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1. Male USB Connector

2. Two thin connecting wires of different color

3. Heat Shrink Tube

4. Hard Insulated Wire

5. LED of any color you like

6. A resistor of 100 ohms

Step 2: Procedure

1. Take the LED and cut down the legs small.

2. Similarly, take the resistor and cut down the length.

3. Solder the resistor to +ve leg of LED.

4. On the -ve leg, solder a black wire.

5. On the other side of resistor, solder a white wire.

6. With the help of hard insulated wire, insert all the wires inside the heat shrink tube.

7. Refer to the USB Pin Configuration

  • Pin 1 is supply
  • PIN 2 is Data -
  • PIN 3 is data +
  • PIN 4 is Ground

8. Now, Take the USB Connector, we will only be using only two of them PIN 1 and PIN 4.

9. Solder the white wire to PIN 1 and solder the black wire to PIN 4.

10. Now, it is time to make the USB case.From a piece of cardboard, cut the three pieces as seen in images.

11. Using Glue Gun, paste the long strip on the edges and insert the USB connector in the shape.

12. Fold all the wires and fill the case with the Hot Glue.

13. Paste the top cover and let it dry for sometime.

14. Test the Light using a powerbank first. If everything works fine, use it with your laptop.

All the best..:)

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