Picture of LED Light upgrade to a Jeep CJ7
I was replacing the dash lights in my 1981 CJ7  and decided  to upgrade them to LEDs. Half of them were burnt out anyway so i got some 10mm LEDs off Ebay for 4 bucks.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and  Materials
Alright, your gonna need some LEDs, the dash lights, a vise grips and a file. you could use a vise and a dremmel and it would be faster. I dont have those, so i improvised.
Very nice! I've been thinking of doing this with the ugly green dash lights in my car. Nice Instructable

dizzle976 (author)  Livingstrong2 years ago
Make sure you check the lights to see if they have a filter to change the color. I used white LEDs but they glow blue. Check out www.superbriteleds.com. they have led replacement bulbs so there isn't any modifications to your wiring. Thanks for the comment. VOTE!!!!
dizzle976 (author)  dizzle9762 years ago
correction. www.superbrightleds.com