I was replacing the dash lights in my 1981 CJ7  and decided  to upgrade them to LEDs. Half of them were burnt out anyway so i got some 10mm LEDs off Ebay for 4 bucks.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Alright, your gonna need some LEDs, the dash lights, a vise grips and a file. you could use a vise and a dremmel and it would be faster. I dont have those, so i improvised.
Very nice! I've been thinking of doing this with the ugly green dash lights in my car. Nice Instructable <br> <br>Livingstrong
Make sure you check the lights to see if they have a filter to change the color. I used white LEDs but they glow blue. Check out www.superbriteleds.com. they have led replacement bulbs so there isn't any modifications to your wiring. Thanks for the comment. VOTE!!!!
correction. www.superbrightleds.com <br>

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