Picture of LED Light wands
I have always been attracted to creative lighting, especially LEDs.  Recently, my I saw a a BMW that came with the Adaptive Xenon lights and the beautiftul LED corona rings.  So, naturally, I set out to "borrow" the design for lighting anythings.

Parts List:

Blind Replacement Wand -
Resistors - you can figure out the appropriate resistor here:
Hot Glue
Heat Shrink
Power Source
Scrap wood
Metal Duct Tape

Tools needed:

Pencil (Naturally)
Jig Saw
Dremel Cutoff Wheel
Dremel high speed cutter
Glue Gun

Basically, I made an LED wand,as seen in the photo below.
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Step 1: Find your design and make your pattern!

Picture of Find your design and make your pattern!
The first step is to find what you want to use as a pattern, should you want to decorate something with a wand of light.  For example, you may want to make something like a neon Open sign, a curved light, or even just a straight bar of light to put on a shelf, or under a cabinet. 

Once you come up with your design, make a pattern.  You will need this to bed the wand around in the coming steps.  I started by copying my design onto onion paper, and then onto cardboard.  I then traced the card board onto 3/4 inch thick wood, which was probably overkill, but what I had on hand.  Then, I cut the wood piece out using a scroll saw, and sanded it perfect.  This will be the piece that you mold the wand around.

Step 2: Heat your wand!

Picture of Heat your wand!
That's right folks!  Rev up those ovens!  350 degrees for at most a minute.  Remove the hot, now-bendable wand with cotton socks (polyester would melt into your hand and be unfortunate).  Then, quickly, mold it around your wooden pattern and wait for it to cool!

PKM2 years ago
These are pretty cool! Using bent clear plastic rods as a light guide is a neat idea, much simpler (and cheaper) than LED strip. It looks like cutting all those notches with the dremel would take a while, though.
aykalper (author)  PKM2 years ago
Thanks! I find that it looks better than the individual LED bulbs, at least, how I used it (as a fog light corona on my car). It does take some time making all of those notches, but once you get on a groove, it passes relatively quickly. Just have some good tunes on!