Picture of LED-Lighted Picture Frame
I had the Idea to illuminate a picture frame, because I had a LED-Bar and a fitting power supply left.
The picture is an IKEA picture called ''ERIKSLUND'' in a black frame.

This picture was good for this project because it had some free space inside between the backside and the frontside of the glass.

Step 1: All what you Need

Picture of All what you Need
Not pictured:
Shrinking hose in different sizes, double side adhesive tape, hot melt gun and a few screws.

DaPhila5 years ago
hey, nice instructable, i really liked it. you clearly explained how 2 do it and the pictures were very helpful too. keep on doing this good work!!! :D
ChrysN5 years ago
That looks really nice, I quite like the picture too.
DIY Dave5 years ago
Cool; you could also use a light from a scanner.
jeff-o5 years ago
Very cool.  I have two of these frames at home that I might convert in this way (with my wife's permission, of course!)