Picture of LED Lighted Wooden Wedding Clock
I started this project to make a unique, one of a kind Wedding Clock for my Sister and Brother-in-law.  Wanted to make something they could have light up and show some aspect of their wedding day for a long time to come. Went thru many designs and finally decided on this design after a few months along with choosing the wood pieces.

The2 main pieces of wood were purchased from E-bay after a LOT of searching.  Those would be the Curly Maple main clock piece with the natural bark edges and the Gmelia Burl Base (from Hawaii).  The back piece that houses the LED Lights is a piece of Quilted Curly Maple.  More about it in later steps...  The clock positions and above/below the initial are all Swarovski Crystals.  Initial "C" and clock hands are cut from 1/16" Solid Brass.  Silhouette was cut from 1/32" Solid Copper.  Base and light cover on back are all attached with Solid Brass wood screws.

Tools used for this project were:  Drill Press with various Drill bits, Countersinks and Forstner bits; electric hand drill; scroll saw; belt sander; router and various bits; compass; ruler and chisels.

Hope you enjoy this clock as much as I had fun building it.
Very nicely done, thank you for sharing.