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A friend and his family created these beautiful golden tree branch centerpieces for his wedding reception. During the wedding they had hung tea light candles in glass lanterns and super glued fresh violet orchids on the branches. I brought a couple of them home afterwards to keep. Without all the embellishments they still look beautiful on their own and could be used for different things - a unique Christmas tree or even a jewelry display. When we started stocking the Celebright LED holiday lights, I really wanted to use them for a project - especially the warm white. Then I thought wrapping them around the tree would be perfect because the warm white Celebright is made of copper wire which would blend in perfectly with the gold paint.

For this project I used:
I was able to get the step-by-stop process of the making of the tree and then I can walk you through how I strung the lights around. Onward!

Step 1:

Find a manzanita tree. What you find and how long you want your finished tree to last will affect the next step.
That is an adorable center piece! I have never heard of those lights before. They are perfect for this decoration!
Thank you so much. Yeah the Celebright lights are perfect for wrapping around just about anything and since they're LEDs they don't get hot at all. It also comes in blue and multi-color but I'm very partial to the warm white :) Let us know if you ever use it for a project! Cheers, Rachel

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