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Introduction: LED Longboard Under-glow

Hey guys!
So about a year ago I made my first Instructables on a new idea i came up with. It was a skateboard with under-glow. After a lot of positive feed back from the Instructables community, friend, and family, I decided i wanted to start making longboards and skateboards with LED lights on the bottom and sell them in hopes to pay off medical bills from my accident (you'll hear about that too). 

I started off with a skateboard with 28 LEDs in the bottom of the board with exposed batteries and also exposed wire. Over the past year I have perfected my design and came up with a one of a kind longboard! I am very proud of what i have accomplished. The new boards have everything hidden and sleek, so the longboard deck looks like a normal deck. Inside the deck there is 30 LEDs connected to a rechargeable battery. Everything is hidden inside the board and there is no difference between the shape of my deck or a regular deck besides mine having under glow!!

This is the description I had with the very first deck I built along with the pictures:

I made this a couple weeks ago, the idea came to me after i was hit by a truck and broke my both my top and bottom jaws, my eye socket, both my cheek bones (i have metal plates now), my nose was broken and i broke my collar bone. I was in acoma for a week and had 5 surgeries since. This happened to me a little more than a year ago and i have racked up more than $100,000 in debt and have lost feeling in both my lips and most of my cheeks and i have loss all taste. Luckily, insurance paid for most of the bills.
After having a long time recovering i came up with the idea that will give more visibility to a skateboard. I fixed 28 LEDs onto the bottom of my skateboard deck.
FIrst, I had to drill 28 holes one inch in and spread out an inch. Then, I inserted all 28 LEDs into the holes and wired all the LEDs together in a parallel circuit then i connected two AA batteries and put grip tape over all the hardware then i was cruising with lights!
I think this helped me get better visibility and i plan on making and selling these RIght now i am in the process of making a multi color flashing LEDs with a remote control.

thanks for viewing my skateboard with under-glow hope you enjoy it!!


The green deck is the very first deck I built. The blue deck is the most recent deck. 

Here is a video of the most recent one! Please like and comment and subscribe!!


I am now doing custom boards if you are interested please send me an email and i can do a completely custom board for you!

I made a Facebook page and I would really appreciate it if you took a look at it and liked it:

This is also my youtube channel, please watch, comment and subscribe:



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    Just a tip if you lightily sand down the tops of the leds with a high grit sandpaper it should help to diffuse the light and spread it out so the light doesnt appear in circles on the road/concrete below the board. im not exactally sure about how high grit so i would try it out with a high grit and with a spare LED and work my way down.

    I'm going to do this but I found colour changing LED's so the underglow will have many different colours, but looks AWESOME!

    Why don't you use led tape? its easier and more cost effective.

    Why don't you use led tape? its easier and more cost effective.

    I did this about 2 years ago, same steps except i put the power supply on the inside hugging the truck just in case i lost my board and hit a curb or something.

    Great job though, glad theres some legit instructions for this now.

    This is a fantastic idea!! Great for the people who like longboarding at night as well and it adds a cool personal look to it all!!

    Another one of my boards is for sale right now!!

    is anybody selling a longboard for less the 100 dollars? if you are could you message me.

    Nice job. but maybe making the button flush as well to prevent any accidental bumps.

    that is very cool! I'm going to make my own from an old board. You said it runs on a rechargeable battery, I don't know how its recharged have you thought of putting a small dynamo to recharge when your rolling, prob' wouldn't take too much speed out of your board.

    Once again, well done, great idea, very cool. I hope that you make a full recovery

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    thanks for the support please check out my Facebook page and like it!


    thanks for the support please check out my Facebook page and like it! There you will be able to see all the new models coming out very soon!


    I actually have another design that is going to be released soon! you can check it out on my facebook page and thanks for the support


    thanks for the support please check out my Facebook page and like it!


    Have a vote. How is this design going to prevent you from being hit by a truck at night or road debris? [I know I know, Bill Paxton in Twister "DEbrIs!?!?"] Stay tough. People are going to drive right into you like bugs to a zapper. Good Luck.