Step 5: Heat Sinking LED and Driver

Heat Sinking will dissipate the heat so the components will not overheat and burn out. The Arctic Silver Thermal Paste is a non conductive glue material that will transfer the heat to the metal. It is impossible to remove once it has set. Arctic Silver Instructions

Attach the LED to the Aluminium Heatsink using the Arctic Silver thermal adhesive (following the instructions in the attached link) 

Next step is to prepare the driver and heat sink the driver. Test fit the driver in the copper heat sink with the wire side up(output wires). Test to see if the two wires will go through the two holes on the top. If it is good, then solder the input wires to the driver. See attached images. Once this step is complete, test fit the driver again inside the copper heat sink. Then, apply rubbing alcohol to the Q-tip and clean the inside of the copper. Mix the thermal adhesive as the website's instructions tell you to do so, and apply it liberally inside the copper heatsink. Excessive in this case, is okay. Insert the driver inside with the output wires sticking through the two top holes. Make sure there are no gaps between the driver's sides and the copper. Hold in place until it sticks by itself. Then, solder red and black wires to the output wires. (use heat-shrink tubing to cover up the solder) (about 3 inches of wire- red and black) 

Place the LED Heats sink on top of the copper one and strip the output wires to the desired length. It may help to only leave 3 strands of wire. 
The driver comes with the output wires already connected, but where do you solder the input wires?