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Use WS2812 LED matrix and clear display boxes and Blinkytape controller to build a simple programable RGB LED matrix Cube in 30 minutes.

Step 1: Material

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WS2812 8*8 matrix: 5 pcs or 6pcs

Blinkytape controller *1pcs ( Or you can get one Blinky Matrix from Blinkinlabs, which has already solder the blinkytape controller on the WS2812 matrix. Then you only need 1 BlinkyMatrix + 4~5 WS2812 8*8 matrix)

micro usb cable

DC jack

5V 8A max power supply

Blister display box: 8cm*8cm*8cm

blister display box: 9cm*9cm*9cm, if you don't have,can cut some PVC or PET(Polyethylene Terephthalate) to make one.

clear tape

Step 2: Software:

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Step 3: Assemble

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1.Drill holes on each surface of the 8*8*8 blister display box.

2. Attach the matrix to each side of the 8*8*8 blister display box, and put the jst cables into the display box

3. Connect the JST connectors from Matrix 1 to 2 to 3 to ... inside the display box.

4. Connect the first input just box to the Blinkytape controller

5. Solder the Diode 1N5817 to the power input of the matrix VCC, to make sure the power input should be correct.

6. solder the DC jack positve to the 1N5817 and DC jack ground to the matrix's ground.

Step 4: Upload the Software to the Blinkytape Controlller. Then It Looks Like This


mic159 made it! (author)2016-10-06

Very similar to mine.

The main difference is that I put an acrylic diffuser over the top (3mm Opal White acrylic).

Got the acrylic & foam laser cut :)

And here is a video of it before it had the acrylic on it (held together with bluetack :p)

Honghong Lu (author)mic1592016-10-06

Yes, it looks much more pretty with diffuser. :-D

maxwellmoojw (author)2016-02-28


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