Well this was supposed to be a piece of wood milled out by a CNC but after several clamp and other issues I decided to write on plexi-glass with sharpie. This can be greatly modified to make more intricate but due to my lack of experience and first time upload to instructables I'm in a learning experience. Overall I'm happy with the way it went but if you have any ideas or any way to make this project better post your pictures and instructables. I'm open for constructive criticism:)Thanks                                                                                                                                                                                

Step 1: Materials

Two pieces of 1in.x6in. veneer wood(or three if you choose to CNC one); One sheet of 1in.x6in. plexi-glass; Foil; One 9v battery and hook-up; one switch(I used one with a 1.7v LED); Two 3.2v LED's; extra wire; solder and iron; Tape; Wood Glue; Paint; Sharpies; Drill with 1/2 inch bit

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