LED Necklace





Introduction: LED Necklace

Small improvements of Birdcage Necklace


Step 1: You Will Need

  • slide switch
  • led (white)
  • prototype PCB (circuit board)
  • coin cell battery
  • resistance 100Ω
  • solder/soldering iron
  • tinned wire
  • and other crochet stuffs

Step 2: Cut the Universal Circui Board

Cut the board as the same size as coin battery.

Step 3: Soldering

Attach the LED on the center of the board. Then make circuit and solder these led, resistance, slide switch and tinned wire.

Arrange the battery holder with wire and insulating tape.

Step 4: Crochet

Cover the circuit board and battery with crochet shaped tree and glue or sew a felt star on top.
(I made this on last Christmas, I should have made this pumpkin shape now)

It's done after put a chain through a hole of crochet.
I'll share the crochet pattern soon.



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    I'm really glad that I got comment from you! I saw your work, beautiful wing on FB of instructables. I love your works :)

    Ah: thank you for your kind comments! I was recently interviewed as a featured author, so here's the link to the interview in case you're interested. :)