Picture of LED Night Lamp
Here is cheapest  LED Night Lamp less than 1 $  using old un used mobile  (my lost mobile) charger.

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Step 1: Step 1. Materials

Picture of Step 1.  Materials
1.Old mobile charger (5v  300 ma) - Free existing un used
2.Power LED 1 Watt  with heat sink -  Rs. 10  (0.16 $)
3.Resistance 10 Ohm  1 watt or higher depends on charger rating  - Rs. 1

- Soldering Iron & soldering lead
- Super Glue or any PVC gule
- Screw drive
- pliers,  wire cutter

Step 2: Step 2 - Assembling

Picture of Step 2 - Assembling
Solder the LED with Heat sink plate, be care full while soldering these LEDs  are very sensitive excess heat may kill LED.  Open the mobile charger cover as shown ,  remove/cut  the unwanted wire as shown in Pic. Now solder Resistance on PCB , then solder black wire to -v   and white  wire to +v .

Step 3: Step 3 - Finishing

Picture of Step 3 - Finishing
After assembling, test it then close the box. Now clean the box, apply little glue between led base and charger box so that LED will fix firm on the box.

Now LED night lamp is ready.
flash_031 year ago

Excelent idea. I think that is goog to have a solution easy for these spaces like the bathroom. A very usefull lamp if we not want a so brilliant ligth in tha nigth.