The title might be a bit misleading. The “Laser Light Show” part is not actual. There are no lasers in this project so calm yourselves.

I had nothing to do one day so, I decided to look through my Ramsey magazine for a cool project that I didn't have to buy the kit to build I found an LED chaser schematic and I googled it. There were about 199,000 results and the first one was the exact schematic I was looking for. It had everything from 3 volt astable multivibrators to LED flashers. The website link was http://www.qrp.pops.net/LEDs.asp. It had the Nite Rider chaser so, I built both. I built the one direction one according to the schematic.

At first I didn't follow the order of 3, 2, 4, 7, 10, 1, 5, 6, 9 and 11 causing the LEDs to flash out of sequence. After reorganizing them, they sequentially flashed. I tried all the other circuits. I needed a night light. I saw one at a local dollar store which seemed cool but I felt like I should build my own. I wanted randomized colors that weren't actually random and, the circuit I used was the LED light chaser.

Step 1: Get the Parts

You will need:
  4017 decade counter
  555 timer
  16 pin IC socket
  8 pin IC socket
  2 0.01uF ceramic disc capacitors (103)
  Assorted values of potentiometers
  Assorted values of capacitors
  1k resistor
  10 LEDs or 3 RGB LEDs (common cathode!!!) and one regular water clear (what I used)
  2 2 point terminal blocks
  3 pins-breakaway headers ( I used these only for convenience. If compactness is not your goal then use a 3 pin terminal block)
  9 volt battery clip
  Female Cylindrical plug for other types of power (See image)
  Male 9 volt power adapter with male cylindrical plug.

If building nightlight part:
  SPDT toggle switch
  NPN transistor (I used 2N3904)
  150 ohm resistor
  Photocell (photo resistor but they are becoming uncommon...Check eBay!)


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