Introduction: LED Organizer/Book Light

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This instructable will show you how to make a LED light for a book/laptop/organizer. It turns on when you open it and off when you close it. I came up with this out of pure nececity. I do allmost all of my electronics from my costom cardboard organizer ( thanks =SMART= ) If you want one, get it @ Well I needed a light for it so I got to instructable-ing.
 This, my brain baby, is now here to help you if you have the same problem I had.


Step 1: The Circut

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This is a very simple circut. it is basicly a glorified version of my Switch throwie ( All it is is a few LEDs connected Annode to Annode, Cathode to Cathode atatched to a switch and a battery via two long wires.

Step 2: What You Need

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You need:
3 LEDs
Battery (I used CR2032)
Lever Switch
Electrical Tape
A Book/Laptop/Organizer to put the thing on

Step 3: Building It

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The process to make this is very simple and will take about 5-10 min. to make. First you tape (or solder) a piece of wire to your switch. Second you tape (or solder) the wire to the NEGATIVE (-) end of the battery. Next you get your 3 LEDs and twist the annodes together and twist the cathodes together and then you tape (or solder) a long piece of wire to the cathodes. Run that wire down to the battery and tape (or solder) it to the POSITIVE (+) end of the battery. Do the same with the Annodes and the other end of the switch.

Step 4: Making It Look Beter. (Optional)

Picture of Making It Look Beter. (Optional)

If you want to you can put tape onto the wires to "Hide" them. I used Electrical tape because it was the only thing I had.

Step 5: Test It

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Open it. It will light up. Close it. It will Stop shining. If it works you did it right. Please rate or comment.  Hope you enjoy!


Step 6: Note:

Note: yhis instructable can be modified to accomadate anything froma a buzzer to a motor. Heck, you could probably even add som esort od MP3 player or something. Also you can put this into a hollow book, on a door frame, or even under a plate as a presure senser! The posabilitys are endless.



Adambowker98 (author)2012-06-25

How does this work? Does the lid of the box hit the switch?

techturtle2 (author)Adambowker982012-07-08


Adambowker98 (author)techturtle22012-07-08

So it's a N/C switch (normally closed)?

techturtle2 (author)Adambowker982012-07-13

It depends on how it's wire. If it is hooked up to the first and third terminals, like I have done here, It will be a normally open switch. If you hook it up to first - second or second - third, It will be normally closed

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