This instructable is an origami flower that is lit up using LED's. In this instructable I show only a flower but you could do many more things.

Step 1: Materials List

These are the materials
1 Origami Figure
A couple of 3-volt coin-cell batteries
Assorted LED's
1 Roll of electrical tape
<p>Wow, this is awesome! I've made that origami lily in the past, but I never thought of using LEDs to make it glow.</p>
Bonito, curioso, f&aacute;cil y entretenido para los peques!<br>Lo har&eacute;! Gracias por la idea :)
<p>Very creative! It looks very simple to build... do you have any useful tips to share? </p>
Nice! Electronics + Origami = Awesome! You should check out my origami that uses conductive paint to sense when someone is near <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Proximity-Sensing-Origami-Flower/" rel="nofollow">here</a>.&nbsp;
That looks awesome and pretty simple too - great instructable! :)

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