Picture of LED PVC Chair w/ reading light
With minimal material requirements, you can turn your homemade PVC chair into a comfortable reading space- even if it's in a dark room! By attaching LED lights to a simple everyday CD, you can read at all hours of the night. 

- 2 CDs (preferably unused)
- 9 LED lights (color according to preference; white is best to read by)
- 18 120 ohm resistors 
- Speaker wire 
- Normal wire
- Soldering iron 
- Solder 
- PVC Chair 

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Step 1: Assemble Materials

Picture of Assemble Materials
- Speaker wire
- 2 CDs 
- 18 120-ohm resistors
- 9 LEDs (color according to preference, ours are white)
- Red and Black wire (colors should be adhered to for positive and negative identification)
- Solder 
- Soldering iron
- Hot glue & gun 

Step 2: Assemble individual LED-resistor couples

Picture of Assemble individual LED-resistor couples
1. Gently & slightly separate the tails of the LED to make working with the LED easier in the following steps. Tails should form a V-shape.
2. Hold 2 resistors so that one end of each is crossing the other to form an X shape. Fold each end over the other and then continue to wind them together.
3. Repeat step (2) with the other ends of the resistors. 
4. Wind the coiled end of the pair of resistors around an LED tail (it does not matter which).
5. Solder the connection between the resistor couple and the LED tail to ensure that it is a firm connection.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the remainder of the LEDs. In total you should have 9 LED-resistor couples.

Step 3: Prepare the CD

Picture of Prepare the CD
Drill holes in the CD wherever you'd like there to be LEDs. To do so, place the CD over a gap between two tables. Get the drill bit spinning at a good speed before touching it to the CD, at which point you need to apply an increasing amount of pressure to ensure that the hole is cleanly drilled.