Picture of LED PVC Chair w/ reading light
With minimal material requirements, you can turn your homemade PVC chair into a comfortable reading space- even if it's in a dark room! By attaching LED lights to a simple everyday CD, you can read at all hours of the night. 

- 2 CDs (preferably unused)
- 9 LED lights (color according to preference; white is best to read by)
- 18 120 ohm resistors 
- Speaker wire 
- Normal wire
- Soldering iron 
- Solder 
- PVC Chair 

Step 1: Assemble Materials

Picture of Assemble Materials
- Speaker wire
- 2 CDs 
- 18 120-ohm resistors
- 9 LEDs (color according to preference, ours are white)
- Red and Black wire (colors should be adhered to for positive and negative identification)
- Solder 
- Soldering iron
- Hot glue & gun