This is a (moderately) simple Arduino project that is a spectacular display from LEDs - that you can wear on your head! It also uses a program that is not intricate at all, so you can modify it for different patterns and cycles. It's also a great first or second project for people new to Arduino. And, of course, it looks great in the dark!

(I know the video isn't ideally situated; I'll try to fix that soon)

Step 1: Parts List

You will need:

A hat (of course)
16 paperclips
24 LEDs for the version pictured - Radioshack sells a bundle of red, yellow and green LEDs, which is what I used x2
Jumper wires
Duct tape
9V battery
9V connector or plug
Electrical Tape
Fishing line or string
Very small breadboard
Arduino Uno, Leonardo, etc.
<p>Very nice project, it's is a real tinkering project. Good for dark nights in the winter, also because the over-heated ATMega will keep extra your warm :-)</p>

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