Picture of LED Ping Pong Ball (Improved)
This is basically the same design, but I made it more neater and it looks much better!!

This is the old: http://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Ball/

Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
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You will need the following:

1. Drill

2. Drill Bits

3. Scissors

4. Duct Tape
Kapower4 years ago
I havent made it yet, but can u still use it to play ping pong?
the glowing looks like its radioactive lol
 use a knife to cut a slit half way (on the  line)and you can open it up big enough for the throwie to fit in and with it closes up, theres only a ting gap!

twonkie125 years ago
to get it bouncy you could dut the hole so it can fit like a puzzle peice and then glue or tape it back on. i think tape would work better because it is light weight and can spread evenly without having to snad it down with sand paper.
M F6 years ago
I want a way to close the hole in the ball . so that it will bounce. maybe fill the ball with the throwie and some plastic wrap? I find that plastic wrap works well to diffuse light evenly, just crumple it up. Any better ideas to close the hole?
M F M F6 years ago
using the plastic wrap to hold the throwie while it bounces. think it will work?
Kaiven M F6 years ago
Hmm... I thought ping pong balls bounced because there was some air in them... It might work.
Look up the instructable for LED bouncies...somewhat similar to this one, just bouncy!
awaite6 years ago
Can sum 1 think of a way to turn off the led?
They make impact switches. That's how kiddie light up shoes work...you could look into that.
whats a LED throwie
It's basically an LED, batteries, and a magnet. You throw them on some metal surface (where the magnet will stick) and it looks really cool, especially if you put a lot of them in one public place.
OMG! It's the most popular Instructable on this site!

LED Throwie (This is the link: http://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Throwies/)
My instructable is the most popular one on the site!
cryophile6 years ago
If you could somehow add a vibration sensor to the ball and use tri-color LEDs, that would be awesome! Every time the ball hit a hard surface, it would change color!
Get a switch from those kiddie light up shoes. That could work.
Scar166 years ago
add a switch
Lance Mt.6 years ago
Hehehehehehe, Even sweetier man
How big is that? Dime-sized? 1/4 inch? thanks
dcmania21 (author)  shaneomacmcgee6 years ago
i would say about the size of a pen going through
Thanks, helped a lot
tterraj1236 years ago
heres what i did and it can turn off and works with ping pong cut it directly in half so its even then put the LED throwie in it (i put 2 for a cool effect) then just tape on the seam then to turn off take off the tape :)
tudgeanator7 years ago
sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! You could use these for light-up poi if you glued on a string/chain before adding the balloon!
What's a poi????
dcmania21 (author)  tudgeanator7 years ago
thanks for the idea!!
No problem.I would do it myself but i have allready bought some light-up poi. I think you would need to weight the ping pong balls before using them as poi.
chuckr446 years ago
Why not make a 3 sided flap in the PPB, bend it outwards, insert LED throwie, then bend flap back in place? Glue or tape flap.
dcmania21 (author)  Itsgoofytime7 years ago
no check out my other instructable i made the ping pong lights first
the link is here look at the date and compare to the other: http://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Ball/