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Introduction: LED Plank Light

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While browsing at Pinterest I found a picture of a LED Plank Light an fell immediately in love with the design. The build is actually ridiculously easy. You will need:

  • 1 LED Strip (about 1m)
  • 2 Wood Planks
  • 1 Smaller Wood Plank in the height of your LED Stripes height
  • some Wood Glue

Step 1: Glueing

First glue the small plank onto one of the two lager planks, then glue the LED Srtip around the edge of the smaller plank.

After drying test the LED since it is nearly impossible to redo after :)

Then glue the second bigger Plank on top.

Done :)

Step 2: Easy and Beautiful

The build took about 10 Minutes :)

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Hello, i think its a very good idea. Where did you buy the led strip? I want one too!


Hi? lovely project. What was the size of the planks of the wood?

Well, the wood is easy to locate locally. Question, where do you find the LED strips and the switch+plug ???

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Men simply have them. ;-) (y)

All of that can be purchased pretty cheap on ebay! Ive bought a few from there and they work great

For how it looks - this is ridiculously easy!

I'd hide the power converter block behind the plank for even better looks if there's enough cable. :)

I've read cheap Chinese LED strips lose their brightness rather quickly. Any thoughts? I'd like to design stuff using them, but don't want to waste money on something that won't last.

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I have a blue strip under my computer desk for more than 18 months, I have an RGB in the living-room for 2 years now, no decay and I have a real black light UV strip around a tablet on top of my computer, this has been there for so long I don't remember and the seller isn't no longer in my purchase history. All chinese, all good prices and they work great.

I've had a strip light in my kitchen for a year and a half, with no dimming. The key is to keep the current below the limit, and cool them well. Toys and flashlights that just rely on the limiting resistance of a battery won't last long.

I am creating a panel like this for a set...do you costs for the plug in parts for this lighting? What is the actual size of your panel to do only 1 meter of lighting...looks like about 12" wide by about 3 feet tall?? Please reply if you have time.

ooops, found the info above...missed that as I did not see the strip! Anyway, another way to get it to radiate a bit more is to add plexi glass trim around it...catches the light. I am going to add a half circle of that on each side, (of course onto the back piece which is then covered a bit by the top piece), to show a bit of full moon behind with maybe a cut out or two of bats flying over moon...which might be an interesting touch for the display I am working on...so thanks for the ideas!!:) Cheers!

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Heck, just jam some white plastic straws into the crack. Diffusion right off.

Thank you for the idea...... When I make mine I will try to make the inside plank wider so that I can get more light out....... I take it you will stain it later on to bring out the wood grain.....Thks


Would make for cool shelving

Voted, <3 'd, n shared on FB!! Kudos, great instructable!!!

Voted, <3 'd, n shared on FB!! Kudos, great instructable!!!

Whoa! I have a lot of bamboo wood floor planks that were left from my bedroom gonna try this!

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Oooh! I have bamboo poles!! Endless ideas out of this instructable!! Awesome!

I'm going to make 2, wired together, wall mounted and offset by a few inches. They will be at the end of a hallway and not visible from the side so the back board is unnecessary. I will also stain the wood a very dark, but not quite black color.

This is awesome and has clearly inspired a lot of variation. I hope others post pics in this thread when they're done. :-)