Step 4: Add the LED & Enjoy!

The final step is adding the LED! If you've followed my steps thus far, the positive side is the top (or side with the metal clip) and the negative side is the bottom (or side with the twisted wire).

The LED's cathode (long lead) goes on top, and it's anode (short lead) goes on the bottom. Affix your LED in place with some non-conductive tape. Make sure both leads are touching their respective copper tape sides. If you want to test that your light works before taping it in place, just flip the switch.

If your light doesn't work, here are a few common debugging solutions:

- make sure you've got the LED leads touch their respective correct sides

- make sure the copper tape is firmly adhered to the twisted copper wire on the back

- make sure the battery isn't touching the metal clip

- make sure the battery is laying flat and touching the copper tape on top

Once your LED is in place and taped onto the popsicle stick, you're done! Flip the switch and enjoy your very own LED Popsicle Flashlight!

I'd love to see any variations to this project! Have fun making!

<p>I think you need a resistor between the led and the battery</p>
<p>Not really. The button cell is only 3V and will not affect the LED.</p>
A very cool and cheap project to do . I certainly recommend it .
<p>Easy and inexpensive enough to do with a group of kids to teach them how an electric circuit works. </p>
<p>the basic idea is good..!!!</p>
Awesome:-D Thanks for sharing!
<p>Someone should combine a bunch of this in a stickbom.</p>
I voted for your instructable please vote for mine. It's a win win. Thanks so much! My instructable: &quot;how to make a light for your glovebox at night&quot; thanks so much!
Thanks! They're handy in paper circuits too. And in my LED pipe cleaner bracelet.
<p>Excellent! Using the binder clip as the switch is genius. </p>

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