Step 6: To be continued

Months passed and I still look for a better LED. I decided to try a second version of this light bulb. This one will use an array of 9 x NS6W183T Nichia LEDs. Rated at least 225 lumens each, I should have in excess of 2000 lumens of light. If 1000 lumens of those do reach my projection screen I will be happy, that’s the “eco mode” I was hoping for. The main issue with this attempt is that I have to keep the light source as small as possible while focusing it on that Fresnel lens inside the projector that’s 3x3 cm small. Oh, and the entire LED bulb has to fit a 5x5x9 cm space. Small space for serious power and an estimated 35 watts of dissipated heat. But I won’t give up. Look out for my next instructable on V2.0 once the 9 LEDs array is ready. Right now we’re about to have a baby so it’s standby for everything else. J

Thank you for reading this. Feel free to ask any questions, I’ll try to answer them.

Edit: our baby was born today! I'm the proud daddy of a very cute little boy!

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