so i was wandering around in the local thrift store, and came across an old slide projector... it had all the lenses still and was in good condition, for 10 dollars i couldnt pass it down. so my next thought was "what could i do with this?", my first thought was to make a projector, but where to start? i found an awesome instructable on here by newtonn2 https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-small-Diy-LED-Projector/ . so i decided this was the best investment for the slide projector.

Step 1: Get Your Stuff

so first thing is getting your parts, and getting your ideas all down to know what you are going to need

personally, i went the route of buying a high powered LED and a 2.5" portable media player from ebay

your also going to need a projector case (you could make one, use the one it came in, order a box)
i ordered a LUX case for an oscilloscope, it was a free sample(which most of the stuff is) which i found with help from other

Free Electronic Samples
List of free sample programs for electronic components
Free electronic samples
How To Get FREE Electronic parts

your going to need something for thermal management, so a fan and a heat sink. i got my fan from an broken home theater system
and the heat-sink was another free sample

POWER, you need this for it to work... depending on what you are using for the LED and the screen, your going to be on your own for that one, unfortunatly. since the specs on my LED are 4.2V @ 5A and the PMP is 3.7V @ 600mA its roughly 25W needed.

orginizational things, because you want to have it nice and clear inside so its easy to clean when the beast gets full of dust.
cable clips, PCB boards, momentary switches for the controls

<p>Hi there! Any update on your projector?</p>
Hi there, <br>It's very good to see people using my instructable to build their own projector. <br>Looking forward to seeing your fully working projector! If you need any help or additional info, drop me a line. <br>newtonn2
Hey just small question with your LED choice... I m wanting to run the led of 3 solar garden lights ..am i being stupid will the led soak up all the life from the batteries? Did you use a heat sink with LED ? <br> <br>Thanks Moray
Very professional looking project! <br>Does someone knows a mp4 player with a 640x480 resolution in 2.5&quot;?

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