Step 3: Design Time!

so now that you have all your materials, or your ideas in your head, time to put them down on paper...
i have several different designs that i put down on paper, mostly for the PSU since i didn't know what my part list was going to be
i tried to keep it as simple as i could.
<p>Hi there! Any update on your projector?</p>
Hi there, <br>It's very good to see people using my instructable to build their own projector. <br>Looking forward to seeing your fully working projector! If you need any help or additional info, drop me a line. <br>newtonn2
Hey just small question with your LED choice... I m wanting to run the led of 3 solar garden lights ..am i being stupid will the led soak up all the life from the batteries? Did you use a heat sink with LED ? <br> <br>Thanks Moray
Very professional looking project! <br>Does someone knows a mp4 player with a 640x480 resolution in 2.5&quot;?

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