This is very use full for when you are camping or when you want to read anything in dark lighting situation like a story book or Map's.

Size : 297mm x 210mm (near A4 page size)

Components :
*Acrylic Sheet (297mm x 210mm)
*Mobile phone keypad LED's
*3.7V Li-ion mobile phone battery
*Nokia phone charging pin base
*Thin circuit wires
*Soldering iron & wires
*Hot glue gun
*Black tape or Sticker

After collecting this all things,Start your work.Please refer my images you will get clear idea.
there is an easyer way of doing this.
What is that way?
well actually it is not really easyer, it is more efficient :<br>when you take apart an lcd screen from a laptop, you find a thin transparent acrylic plate wich is called a light difuser. above or under that plate is a small neon tube powered by a small power converter wich i guess runs in 12 or 5 volts. take these to parts out. glue them together like you found them( one on top of the other) and there you have it!ho and you can use a 9v bettery for the power converter if it runs in 12 V
What about the power consumption of the 9V battery? If I use the 9V battery this little thing will looks like pretty big know.But anyway I will try what you say,Coz I wanted to get more light :D Thanx for the comment.
your welcome ;)
hey man great idear.<br>try to use evonik endlighten plexi found at:<br>http://www.plexiglas-shop.com/DE/de/plexiglas-endlighten-35vvzqzrfz2/plexiglas-endlighten-t-farblos-0f11-l-l1we94vy8j0~p.html<br><br>it is specialy designed for lighten the cutted sides and decouple the light out of the side you will put on the book.<br><br>Regards<br>
any different between Acrylic glass and Plexiglas?
That is very helpful. Great idea!
Thank you soo much! :-)

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