Picture of LED Recycled Book Lamp
There are so many books that are simply thrown away as they have very little resale value, so follow our easy step by step instructions and see how easy it is to create your own upcycled lampshade by recycling your old books.

n this Step by step project we will show you how to upcycle an old book and turn it into a beautifully unique and very effective lampshade. You could add in your own energy efficient, low heat light source, or follow our steps and build your own energy efficient LED light circuit.

Please note that a jigsaw is used to create this project and you must either know someone who can operate one for you or be able to operate one yourself. Necessary caution advised! We will also be working with a soldering iron to wire the LEDs together.

What you need to make a recycled book lampshade:

Old book
Masonite square
Cold glue
Small recycled piece of mirror
LED lights x4
Soldering iron
Solder wire
Working surface
Sheets of paper (optional)
Working surface
Read through all the instructions first before starting this beautiful recycling craft.
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Step 1:

Picture of
Step 1
To being this project, open your book and start at the front. Take the very first page, and bring the outer edge into the middle, folding it in half.

Step 2
Now you want to fold the next page into a triangle. You will do this by taking both the top and bottom corners towards each other and towards the centre of the book. This will create a triangle shape with the point extending towards the outside of the book

Step 3

Turn the triangular page over, and then do another straight fold down the centre of the next page. Keep going, alternating the pages between a straight fold and a triangular fold.
Gotta try this
clb2522 years ago
stupid question but does it have to be a old book or is that what you just used
marfru (author)  clb2522 years ago
It was just what ever we had hanging around that no one wanted even at the second hand book shops.
sooooo creative!!