LED Replacement of Baggage Ligth Under the Seat of My Scooter





Introduction: LED Replacement of Baggage Ligth Under the Seat of My Scooter

Replacement of broken lamp with 2 White leds.

Step 1: Remove the Old Lamp

Make 2 holes on the lamp plastic cover for the leds, solder the 2 negative of the leds on the negative of the lamp pakage and solder the 2 positive of the leds on a resistor, solder the resistor on the positive of the lamp pakage.

Step 2: Done!!



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    The LED voltage won't really matter. As ComradeLynx says, they are usually about 3.00-3.3v, but any will do. The reason for it not mattering is because they are being driven from a relatively high voltage (12v) through a current limiting resistor, so although the different LED voltages will vary the current, it won't really be by much. Whatever the voltage, they will effectively take pretty much the same current, the brightness will be more of a function of how good/efficient the particular LEds are than their voltage. Nice instructible and a good idea!

    White's usually around 3.0-3.3 volts DC


    YEHAAAAAAA!!!!! La tua idea SPAKKA proprio!!!! porco due.... sei un ganzo!!!!

    Ciao Atomant!!!! E' bellissimo, avevo proprio idea di fare una cosa del genere, ma non sapevo da dove cominciare!!! Ora ho un mentore, lo farà subito e ti farò sapere.... Sento gia di amarti....