Introduction: LED Ring

Picture of LED Ring

this is small tiny SMD LED Ring and also useful.

Step 1: What You Need?

Picture of What You Need?

in this project you need..........

•one SMD LED
•insulated copper wire
•3v lithium battery
•slim cable
•plastic paper

Step 2: Let's Start Made Simple Ring

Picture of Let's Start Made Simple Ring

help of copper wire made ring size of your finger
as above photo.

Step 3: Cut Wire

Picture of Cut Wire

cut two different part of cable,
help of cutter,
and remove insulation help of soldering iron

Step 4: SMD Soldering

Picture of SMD Soldering

join two wire with LED
and join led with plastic paper useing adhesive

Step 5: Attach With Ring

Picture of Attach With Ring

led attach with Cooper ring using adhesive

Step 6: Finel Step

Picture of Finel Step

ring fix with 3v cell as above photo
and join two terminal to 3v cell,
when you push wire LED bright up.


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Bio: this is amezing app
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