The LED Rollie is a pretty silly, but funny thing.

Simply roll it through your neighbourhood and you'll gain a lot of attention.

I got the idea of the LED rollie when I was bored, and I saw this roll of solder, but without solder. I found out, that 2 AAA batteries fitted perfectly into the center of the roll.

Step 1: Parts You'll Need

To make one LED Rollie you'll need:

a Roll of solder, with no more solder on it.

Some LEDs (I used 2 5mm diffuse blue LEDs and 2 5mm diffuse green LEDs)

2 AAA batteries.

Some hookup wire.

an on/off switch (optional)

Step 2: Drill the Holes

Drill the holes for the LEDs. It might be a good idea to drill the holes a little bit smaller than the LED size, cause some "5mm" LEDs are actually 4,5mm or so.

Step 3: Insert the LEDs

OK, now it's time to mount the LEDs in the holes. Move your mouse over the yellow boxes in the pictures to view the instructions.

Step 4: Solder the LEDs Together

Solder the LEDs together. move your mouse over the yellow boxes to view instructions

Step 5: Mount the Batteries

Simply press the batteries into the center of the roll. They fit so perfectly, that they're held in place by friction.

Step 6: Solder It All Together

In this step, I will show you how to solder the LEDs, the batteries and the switch together. Move your mouse over the yellow boxes in the picture, to view instructions. I know, it's a bad idea to solder onto batteries, but i tried to tape it together and it didn't worked.

Step 7: Roll It!

Now it's time to get your big geeky glasses on and roll this thing.

If you didn't understand this Instructable, then please let me know.

Kinda ironic how it's made from a solder spool
nice and cool my cats will love it!!!
really shouldn't solder on the batteries...<br/>BUT...<br/>hey the more dangerous it is the better = )<br/>
Yeah. I know It's a bad idea, but if you do it for a short amount of time there shouldn't be any problems, hopefully ;-)
there are more dangerours tyhings to do than that <br/>LOL =D<br/>
What can you use to substitute the roll of solder?
bandage tape or cloth tape without any more tape can be a good substitute.
Almost anything, that's round. Just use your imagination.
what happens when the batteries die off?
then you'll need to desolder them and insert some new ones, however they last pretty long.
you can desolder???
LED Yo-Yo hmmmm
Very cool!
I love it! I bought some new LEDS just for this!!!
may i ask how long the batteries will last? thanks.
Actually, I don't know that, because I don't use it so much, but I think it will last for 2 days of continuous use.
wouldn't it be more fun to add a low speed motor with a weight, and make that thing spin by itself, at least in a circle? a counterweight is probably needed on the other side lI mean like that:
That's a very good idea. how did you make the 3D drawing?
u mean that's good?? it took my like 10 min and I didn't even rendered it anyways, I use google sketchup. it's really easy to use and u can render the images with some add-on(forgot the name).
Dude, sketchup? why that when you could used decent software like solidworks, pro desktop or even (if you had one million dollars), Catia. Nice instructable though!
another simple wat to make it roll would be to have some type of foot attached to the motor instead of a weight and have the foot hit the ground and kind of drag and the motor and the whole rollie thing woud spin and the foot would stay stationary. then you could use a high speed motor. I think two motors would be needed tho... and i also suppose that its alot of bs to go threw for a lighted spool... but then again if you unleashed a whole fleet of the things on a large parking lot, or a street, mabey at the mall...better yet the second story, now thats worth the effort
nah it won't work. it'll have to "scrape" the surface it touches, so I think the weight or nothing at all is better
yes it does work I've built something similar to this for a school project. It was a two wheel vehicle for a hill climb. It had a single aluminum rod about an 1/8th thick and it was at about a 35 degree angle below horizontal with a small upward bend at the part where it made contact with the ground it was far lighter than building a third wheel and the body to support it.
sorry then..
Looks to me like it was modelled in 'Rhinoceros 3D', and rendered using 'Penguin'... if it wasn't, it could have been!
what do u mean in: "if it wasn't, it could have been!"?
I meant if it wasn't done using Rhinoceros 3D/Penguin, then you could get the same effect by using Rhinoceros 3D/Penguin. You can download an evaluation version from their site to try it out. www.rhino3d.com. I use it for work.
doesn't Rhinoceros 3D/Penguin mean exactly Rhinoceros 3D/Penguin?
I give up.
yeah, I've always been good at annoying people..
Or take a zip pull, put it around the axel of the motor, and let it push against the ground, like an elecric <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Cotton-reel-tanks/">Cotton reel tank</a><br/>
very sapiential thing for play
omg the 2nd vid looks like u cast Magic Missle lolz DO IT FASTER!!!
alas, thy can begin mage career. i should build one with red and orange to give the illusion of mario's fireballz
yeah, it kinda looks like that, but AI can simply increase the framerate to make it look faster
Wow, those look really neat! Nice job!
I'm sorry for the really late answer, but thanks for the comment and thank you for featuring it.
The rolly is an awsome idea, but on step 5 shouldn't it be they fit to perfectly?
What do you mean?
well you said "the fit so perfectly" and don't you mean they fit so pefectly.
You're right. I've fixed it now. thanks.
Very cool !! Now I will have a use for those $1 store light up yo-yo's that I have sitting in a box with dead batteries in them for something besides a mmmm errrr a box full of dead yo-yo's ......maybe up the number of LED's and use a fishing line spool with 2 sticks and some rubber band you can make it roll on it's own ...I had the fifth graders at sons school using a 2 lb. coffee can for the tank ....we did use surgical tubing on that one .....off to get this ready for one of the kids to finish ...they wont let me use a soldering iron at the school .....even tho the kid can solder better then me
Pull over! It's the Tiny Cops! Stick in a little piezo, mounted so that the face of the speaker will rotate in and out of direct line to your ears (think of Leslie speakers) -should produce a siren-y sorta sound...
woah, like a lil fireball of non-fire colored fire [well, regularish fire, im not gonna argue bout some crazy copper or iron laced fire here]
cool, but seriously, flux is your friend.
Flux core is definitely the way to go.
Why do I need flux?
it makes WAY better solder joints! you don't get the bubbles and stuff. and you use minimal solder when using it too!
that and it really helps to clean it off wirth a lil something something

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