Introduction: L.E.D. Rose's

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These L.E.D. Rose's are pretty easy to make there's a few examples out there on how to make paper roses. I used green paper for the steam and pink or the roses. To make the rose peddles you cut the pink paper into 2 inch squares and trim the edge of one side. I have red and black wires running threw the steam soldered onto the the leds in each rose. then i connected all the red wires coming out together and all the black wires coming threw the roses together. Then i attached the black and red wires to the 9 volt battery pack.

this is how i power the leds

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

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pink paper for rose's
green paper for steams
red leds
9 volt battery pack

wire strippers
solder iron
black electrical tape
red electrical tape

Step 2: Making the Roses

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When I made the rose's I started with a wire and wrapped green paper around it with extra for the positive and negative wire. Then you need to make the flower pedals for it. there are multple ways to make theses.

I used this instructable to make the paper roses.

Step 3: Added the L.E.D.'s

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I solders red L.E.D.'s to the wire that is sticking up threw the stem. I soldered the red and black wire to the positve and negitve. and then on the other end i connected all the ends together and then to the battery terminals wires on the the 9 V battery pack with an on off switch.


ExHippoMan (author)2014-01-26

thanks love the idea

ExHippoMan (author)2014-01-26

hey I love the idea. I just wanted to know how the rose was make or a link to somewhere you got it from or something thanks again

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