Step 2: Install

The LED strips are going to go under the sides of the car, along the "running boards". The idea is that you cannot see the strips themselves while standing near the car, but they cast a glow downwards onto the pavement below the car. The effect is a bright glow coming from under the car.

Measure the distance you want the LED strips to go along. If this distance is more than a meter, you will need to splice two or more strips together. This is not difficult. All you need to do is match the ends of two strips, and solder matching colored wires together. Be sure to weather-seal the connection with electrical tape. If the strips are too long, you can cut off the excess. Cut at one of the areas marked for this purpose (see picture below).

Surface Preparation
Before sticking the strips on, you need to clean the surface they will be sticking to. Naturally, the bottom of a car is a pretty dirty place, and that adhesive backing will not stick well to dirt. So, use a rough sponge to wipe off all the dirt. If there is rust, use sandpaper or steel wool until you have a smooth, clean surface. This step is very important, as it will determine how long your setup will last.

The LED strips come with a strong adhesive backing. Peel it back a little at a time, starting at one end, and working your way to the other. Press the strip firmly to the car's frame, and hold each section in place for 10 seconds or so to ensure a good bond.

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