LED Scrolling Display Without an IC


Introduction: LED Scrolling Display Without an IC

This is an 5x5 Led matrix display, Here very simple logic is used here to scroll a word in led display.

Step 1: Project Discription

Hello Friends, This is the Simplest method to make Scrolling Text on LED Matrix using only Arduino . You can make 5X5 matrix by your own (more cheep) following this guide in youtube video.

Step 2: Components Required

1. LED -25 numbers

2. Arduino Uno R3

Step 3: Procedure

1.Using Arduino IDE create an program as given.

2.Connect the 5x5 led matrix into an arduino uno board according to the pin initialised in a code for both rows and columns.

3.Then dump the code in arduino uno after compiling.

4.After dumping or burning the board you can get the given words scrolling in the led display.



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    please can you give the code

    Looks good, thanks for sharing.