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LEDs have always fascinating me.  And ever since I first saw Knight Ryder back in the 1980's, I always had a "thing" for LED sequencers.  This project originally was designed about 10 years ago, albeit using all thru-hole components, for a rear bicycle helmet light.  It was designed to be as bright as possible and super obnoxious - mostly because I was training and commuting a lot on my bicycle in the evening and nighttime hours.  I eventually decided to redesign the sequencer with an easier to use operational interface, as well as using all surface  mount components.  The board is also designed on super flexible 0.031" thick PCB board which can be easily wrapped around curved surfaces, such as the rear of a bicycle helmet.

This LED sequencer has an 8-segment array which can use two or four LEDs per segment, for a total of 16 or 32 LEDs.  It operates from a 9V battery, although other battery voltages can be used.  With a single 9V battery, the visibility of this thing is ridiculous.  Its completely blinding and can be seen miles away!  The photos and videos simply do not do it justice as far as brightness goes.

The user interface for this LED sequencer is a single MODE pushbutton.  With this pushbutton, the LED sequencer can be enabled and disabled at any time.  Patterns can be cycled, and flash speeds can be changed on the fly, no matter which pattern is currently enabled. 

Step 1: Features

Here are some of the features of the LED Sequencer 1.0 Kit:
  • (6) User selectable display patterns
  • (4) Adjustable flash rates
  • PIC microprocessor controlled
  • Flash programming connection (so you can program your own code)
  • Ultra-High Brightness LEDs - Wide visibility range
  • 0.031" Ultra flexible PCB Board - Can be bent around curved surfaces
  • Operates from 6-9VDC (other voltages available as well, although current limiting resistors may need to be modified)
  • Can utilize red, green, white, or blue LEDs

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