Remember those awesome light up shoes you had when you were a kid?  Now you can turn your own shoes into a work of art!  Wear these painted LED shoes out and you will be the center of any party.  Its super easy!

Step 1: Materials

1. Canvas Shoes (any shoe that a needle can poke through)
2. Conductive Thread
3. LED's (10) *
4. Regular Thread
5. 220 ohm resistors (2)
6. Sew on snaps (6)
7. 3V 20mm-25mm coin cell batteries (2)
8. Needle Nose Pliers
9. Small scissors
10. Seam-ripper
11. Needles
12. Felt (3" by 3" piece)
13. Puff paint (color of your choice)
14. Glue gun
15. Marker

*Make your own LED Beads (which is what I did)
1. Surface mount LED's (10)
2. Silver Crimp Beads (10)
3. Copper Crimp Beads (10)
4. Super Glue

The crimp beads will be soldered to the LED's and used to connect to the conductive thread thus they need to be made out of a conductive material. I used copper and silver crimp beads because they are conductive and so I could tell the anode and cathode by the color of the bead.

just put a 555 timer blinker and all is done
I think these would be pretty cool on some nice looking kicks. Maybe even better if EL Wire was incorporated?
This would probably look even better with another fabric layer, covering the circuitry, instead of that puff paint stuff. How long does the battery last?
i wouldn't be caught dead in these. i mean, if i were dead, i couldn;t stop anyone.. but, you know.
Put the switch on the inner sides of the heels so you can click your heels to turn them on.
i think this switch must be strong material and watrerprof also solid
I had an idea, but I might enter it in another contest. 8>) Don
AWESOME!!! Im gonna put them on my running shoes so now i can run at night!! thanks!!

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