LED Sinkies





Introduction: LED Sinkies

Just like throwies, only waterproof.
This is my first instructable so tell me what you think, or improvements.

First you will need...
1.Tape (Clear)
2.CR2032 3V Lithium Batteries (2 batteries per LED)
3.10mm Non-diffused LEDs.

Step 1: FIRST

First, you need to create a throwie, which can be found here,

The picture is diferent than my finish, cause i couln't get a picture of the one that i was making.
How to make a Throwie...

1.Stack two batteries on top of each other and sandwich them between the legs of the LEDs. Use a few inch long strip of the tape to hold them on completely.


Ok now you need Some clear tape(any kind will do, I used Scotch.)

Step 3: Tape It

Now take the throwie and cover it in the tape. Make sure there is no openings.

Step 4: FINISHED!!!

Now your Sinkie is complete. There is no real use for them(at least for me) they are just to light up stuff. Be imaginitave!
(NOTE: LEDs do not work very well under cold weather.)
This is my first instructable so tell me what you think.
(P.S. You might want to tape a rock or another weight to the bottom where the light is so it will sink better.)

Mine was kind of screwed up in the process but you get the idea.

Step 5: Wheeeeeeee!

I like to play with my fish with it, I tie a string on it and dangel it under the water, and they try to get it but it is to big.

Step 6: Extras

You can also not tie a rock to it and let it float on top of the water.

I also put magnets on each side and threw it at my door and it stuck. Tis a metal door.



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    great idea footballgirl004

    wats the difference between diffused and non-diffused leds.i know that diffused lights up the color it is,but i mean performance wise.

    Diffusing makes the LED appear dimmer, but gives a wider viewing angle of the light. There really isn't a performance issue there, it only appears dimmer.

    I came up with somthing similar using a capsule toy machine capsule i called it a depth charge I only have one detail to work out wich is why it's not up yet (im trying to figure out an on off switch)

    you could also use a reed switch. My uncle took a RC sub and put a camera in the front with a battery. He put a reed switch in it. To turn it on he just stuck a small magnet on the outside.

    hmmm i had forgotten about this was looking at my coments list today im gunna have to chart this out and see if i can figure it out

    That would make a cool I'ble

    water proof switches, for boats, they are like $2 at west marine or your local boating store, maby even camper world and sometimes walmart

    cool idea ward_nox.\