I absolutely love snowboarding, but I'm really not very good.  I can do a few tricks, but i live next to a ski resort in Utah and most of the people who i see go are crazy good.  So i needed something to "show off" a little, and since i cant do many tricks, i figured why not build something really cool.  

I tried probably 3 or 4 other designs before i did this one, and I've still got a few others id like to try, but this design worked pretty well.

The problem i had with my first designs was the wiring.  I kept running the wiring on top of the board and covering it with silicone or metal strips but while snowboarding my feet would rip the wires off.  So i finally decided to go ahead and try to fiberglass one of them

Step 1: Find a Cheap Board

I wouldn't recommend doing this to an expensive board, at least not on your first attempt.  This mod will make the board a bit heavier, and a bit thicker, and if you mess up it could cause your board to split.  

What you need:
  A Cheap snowbaord ( I picked one up for $30)
  Wood Glue
  Fiberglass & Resin

  Soldering Iron
  Drill & Bits
<p>Bravo! I'd love to see the latest design with LED strips. Glowhut.com sells bright self-adhesive, waterproof LED strips in various colors. They even have a multi-color unit with remote!</p>
Thats amazing!!! The bottom of the board looks very nice, i was planing to do about the same with the led strip for comming season. My main concern is that i am not sure if the holes would stuck with snow and prevent led light from comming through. <br> <br>If you have been riding your board, have you noticed holes getting stuck with snow? <br> <br>Also what diameter holes you drilled? <br> <br>
So i've built a couple more boards since this one. i never really had snow blocking the light even on my earlier board. on my new ones though i've actually started using LED strip lighting and when i get done i use base repair to fill the holes in. It makes the lights a little less bright, but its worth it to have a smooth base again. If you buy super bright led's it makes up for it. Ill update my instructable sometime today and show the new video and pictures.
I totally forgot about base repair, i think it should be perfect for covering holes, now i feel much more confident that board will look and function well, thank for adding photos and video.
Pretty cool. I thought about doing something like this five years ago but now I am looking into useing the EL Tape(like the Tron suits). But I will have to route out a groove on the bottom side of the board for that. Your headlight idea is pretty cool. How well does it do at night? How far ahead of you can you see with it?
Well i messed up the angle of my headlights so they shine up in the trees, but when you angle it down a bit you can see a good 25-30 feet out. but it all depends on the kind of LED's you use
Nice. So, does your new one uses single-LED addressable strips and drilling holes to within 2mm of the end of the P-TEX and using fiberglass resin as an ah-hoc optic medium? Because that's what I'm thinking of doing after reading this....
dont know if you saw my earlier reply or not but i must not have read your comment clearly haha... <br> <br>I dont have addressable strips, just ones running in parallel so no individual controller, and only single color. my first board i wasn't able to get that close without drilling all the way through, and i didn't want some holes to be through and others not. but i do have a friend with a cnc drill and router so im thinking about using that for it.
Good plan. I'd love to see the results!
Really nice job! It looks great. :-)
Thanks:) Im about to start building another one that should turn out a lot better:)

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