Picture of LED Snowies!
 Take a throwie (minus the magnet), hide it in the snow and watch it glow!


Ultrabright white LEDs
CR2032 coin cell bettery
Sellotape (electical tape would've been better but I didn't have any)
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Step 1: Bend your legs

Picture of Bend your legs
 I found it better to bend the LED legs over so they didn't  stick out the bottom and poke you in the hand when it's done.

Step 2: Tape time

Picture of Tape time
 Tape the LED to the battery 

Step 3: Hide it in the snow

Picture of Hide it in the snow
 Hide it in the snow and watch it glow!
shadleyhax5 years ago
there would be more chance of them getting stolen where I live :p bloody kids.
awesome idea :) throwies, and then some.
BobbyCage5 years ago
 thats cool...great for making a path
Awesome! I would definately do this but I live in Alabama, and it snows maybe a couple days out of the year, & it usually isn't enough to stick.
i was thinking a sort of weighted dart w/ a led on 1 end and a pointed weight on the other that u could throw in
Kiteman5 years ago
A simple and ingenious spin on a classic!

As you ski to school, casually tossing small objects into snowdrifts...