LED Solar Powered Model Garage.





Introduction: LED Solar Powered Model Garage.

I'm building a model railway layout for my Father and I wanted to add some lighting to the buildings.

Whilst at a Pound/Dollar store I saw these garden solar power lights, for 1.00 Pound/Dollar each.

Then I had an Instructable thought.

Step 1: Tools & Materials Required.

Soldering Iron.


Hot glue gun.

Rocket Glue / Super glue.

Model building, available from Model stores.

Solar garden LED light.

Assorted plastic strips, available from Model stores.

Step 2: Take the Lamp Apart.

Take the lamp apart and disgaurd everything except the Solar panel and the circuit board.

Step 3: Cut Out the Roof.

Cut the inside of the roof to accommodate the solar panel, use some of the plastic strip around the edges.
Then glue into place, along with the windows.

Step 4: Make a Bracket for the Curcit Board.

Using some of the plastic strip assemble a bracket to hold the board.

Step 5: Attach the Curcit Board.

Using the hot glue attach the board, re-solder the solar panel, and tape over the wires.

Step 6: Turn Out the Lights !

All done.....



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    I am going to have to keep this in mind when I start making my buildings, a thought though is, why not get a bunch of those solar lights, rig all of the solar panels on a board, and run the wires back to a battery pack that will power the lights

      cool! im still fininshing up my train layout and ill definitly add this to it

    Man that's awe some I'll vote for ya.

    For a moment when I saw the first picture i thought that it was all real

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    same here, thats pretty sweet.

    Untill i saw that water bottle,"Hey wait a minute,I giant water bottle?"

    IT COULD BE A SILO!!!!!! o.O

    Ha man thats Funny :P

    u are obsessed with die-cast! I have 2 admit u got me hooked

    When i looked at it i thought it was real.


    That's a neat idea, solar powered models. You should add a picture of what the outside of the roof looks like with the solar panel.

    this is a pretty cool idea and simple.