Picture of LED Space Robot!
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Try to build this space Robot scale model!!!

It’s an awesome creative proses and at the same time challenging and skill building!

This is one project you will enjoy and have a lot of fun whit! Experiment whit shapes, led’s, moving parts, paint and decals and grow you skills a builder and designer. Follow the steps one by one and you end up with a stunning result

I love to create! I am always making robots and other stuff. Love building and designing. In the past I made robots and other things from cardboard, from old plastic ice boxes, or just any material which seem to produce nice parts. I ended up putting a lot of work and details in this robot and this is the end result! 

Download the shapes of the parts on paper in the next step!

Thanks for looking! I hope you are inspired and want to experiment and create a robot!

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Step 1: Designing the skeleton frame

Picture of Designing the skeleton frame
frame assembly2.jpg
parts leg.jpg
parts amrs and body2.jpg

Draw some movable parts that together smoothly. Worked on then in a computer program for a nice clean blueprint and clear assembly drawing.

You can use the drawings. Print them a4. All the parts should fit together nicely.
Cut the parts out of the paper and trace tem on the piece of balsa wood. Then cut the piece out of the 2.5 mm wood and drill the holes on the right position.

Work structured or else all the pieces will be unorganized and you may have a hard time assembling the frame.
Most of the martials you can find in and around your own house. Try to keep things as cheap as possible.

The materials you need for the project I summon;

  • Frame
  • Balsa wood. 2.5 mm thick
  • Balsa wood 8 mm thick
  • Balsa wood 25 mm thick
  • Sanding paper fine grain
  • White clay
  • 2x Gunmetal x-10
  • White x-2
  • Black metallic
  • Decal stickers
  • Brushes
  • Thinner
  • Glue
  • Hobby knife
  • Steel ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissor
  • Drill + drills 2mm and 1mm
  • Nuts and bolds 2x18 mm
  • Nuts and bolds 2x25 mm
  • Small washers  
  • Iron wire 2 mm
  • Copper wire 1mm
  • 14x Blue diffuse LED
  • 3x small bike lights whit button

Build some transformers! Please!

Wow! Wow! Wooooooowwwwww!

I have starting watching Gundam build fighters and have been wanting to make a little robot for sometime, and this will do the trick. Thanks for this awesome tutorial.
rsucgang1 year ago
What an awesome build!
paganray1 year ago
what size of paper is the A4, I am from the USA. If needed I can convert from the metric system.
Would love to try this. But apparently, balsa wood is not common here in our place. Any alternative i could use?
Roboi (author)  michael_nonan1 year ago
You can always use cardboard. I made some old project just from cardboard and the plastic from ice-cream boxes. The skeleton is design whit cardboard in mind to. Try to find a slightly thinker and stronger cardboard, bud anything will do. After you finished the parts you I suggest fixating them whit a textile glue or any paper mache glue for strength. When making the joints use bigger washers for better movability. Good luck!
paganray1 year ago
Can I get the patterns that are printer ready/ Example one pattern sheet per page.
Roboi (author)  paganray1 year ago
Hi, I'm exited to hear you want to start experimenting in building my design. yes you can download them, I already put them on A4 for easy printing. Save it to your desktop and you can print them. It's in the pictures in step one. Bud for easy guidance I put them to in the link beneath. Have a nice time building, and if you have other questions let me know.

Leg Pattern A4
Arms and body pattern A4
badpanda2 years ago
Really strong work.
Markbert532 years ago
Fantastic design and modeling skills! As an engineer who used to do a considerable amount of balsa modeling, my hat is off to you.
nicofrog2 years ago
AMAZING wow patience and skill combine to mastery
PipiPIES2 years ago
This is awesome!
That's really cool, and since your sheet is 2.5mm thick it should be within the range of materials that could be laser cut. I'm sure there's someone around here who could help convert your drawings into cutting plans if you wanted.

I happen to like the LO TECH aproach of sticking paper to the wood and cutting round it by hand.

Well Done, and thanks for sharing your project.
Roboi (author)  Dream Dragon2 years ago
Yeah that’s a great idea to make it laser cut! I hope I can experiment whit that kid of stuff in the future. That would be nice and produce really clean parts. Thanks for your insight!
You could also try 3D printing the parts.
3D printing can only approximate the talent represented in this build.
woodNfish2 years ago
That is a very nice robot and I like the fact that you drew it up by hand and cut out and smoothed all the shapes by hand. I read the other people pushing laser cutting and 3D printing, but then you end up with something that looks machine made, not hand made. I'll take yours over those any day. Great work and I hope you had enough fun making it to make more.
meenzal2 years ago
It's nice to see a project done with standard tools and materials. Too many projects demand laser cutters, 3D printers and other stuff the average person doesn't have. You've done a really nice job, great project!
Ghild.Zero2 years ago
Sugoi !!!
Holy moley. What's the build time on this?
Amazing!! You are an artist/designer/engineer, I would love to follow you and build a robot like it.
Very cool. Wonderful job. Well done
Lindie2 years ago
Wow! Very nice!
Xenophon2 years ago
Wonderful work!
bonastella2 years ago
Amazing!!!! That is so cool!!
probetox2 years ago
Very nicely done.