I've always wanted one of those flashflight discs; you know, the ones that light up so you can play at night. unfortunately, I really don't like the weighting of them; I can't for the life of me throw a flick with it, and they're a bit expensive. so I decided that I'd make an attachment for my current discraft ultra star that does a similar thing. it's removable, and the only modification you make to the disc is a small hole, which shouldn't make any difference to the aerodynamics. (you could glue a nut to the bottom of the disc, but it wouldn't be as secure.)
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Step 1: Get stuff and things

Picture of get stuff and things
you'll need:

a frisbee
a soldering iron
a CR2016 (or similar) coin cell
circular perfboard
white LEDs
a small bolt with corresponding nut
propane torch
plastic (not pictured)
hot glue (not pictured)
hacksaw (not pictured)

Step 3: Drill hole in board

Picture of drill hole in board
this step probably should've preceded the soldering, but regardless, you need a hole in the board that's roughly the same diameter as the bolt. make it as centered as possible (I didn't do very good at this part).